Deliver products and services that keep pace with rapidly changing demand

Keep pace with the way your customers use your products or services – no matter how much their preferences evolve and change. Tap into real-time customer insights to drive innovations and improvements that build loyalty.

Gain deep insight into your customer base and take action using that intelligence

Attract and retain customers by delivering products designed around their needs

Maximize the effectiveness of your channels to expand market reach

Deliver the right products to the right customers at the
right time

Solutions for Sales, Service and Marketing

Sales Force Management

Provide the knowledge needed to turn customer insight into sales strategies that acquire, grow, and retain profitable relationships.

Provide tailored products as a foundation to grow and exceed sales targets
Give employees a 360-degree customer view to improve service
Help management track, monitor, and improve employee sales performance
Chinatrust (Philippines): Improved Customer Conversion Rate 22%* ›

Price Optimization

Implement effective pricing strategies that can help you achieve your strategic goals - with a price optimization solution designed specifically for banking.

Put well-defined pricing practices in place
Streamline and automate pricing processes
Base pricing on analysis of current customer data
Improve margins in a highly competitive market
Adapt to shifting consumer demand and economic trends
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Customer Information Management

Provide a consistent customer experience across all communication channels.

Give employees a 360-degree customer view to improve service and communication
Create effective marketing campaigns based on real-time customer information
Execute your customer-centric growth strategy based on accurate insights
Customer Analytics

Gain insights into your customers and your sales organization to improve communication, performance, and profitability.

Analyze customer records in real-time to improve their overall experience
Enhance the total customer experience - from contact center and agent performance to customer service
Manage planning, forecasting, and analytics to improve pipeline performance
Customer Service Contact Center

Effectively manage call center activities and connect with your entire banking organization.

Track customer requests through multiple channels, for more "one and done" tickets
Provide call agent scripting and knowledge management tools to up-sell products
Deliver consistent product and service offers and complaint handling across all interaction channels
Engage with customers - from branch network to online to mobile
Loyalty Management

Approach customer loyalty management strategically to reward the right customers.

Create campaigns and tactics that appeal to your target audience
Use loyalty incentives to reward the right customers
Apply metrics - from product purchases, money spent, to branch visits - to build rewards
Solution Brief: Building Multichannel Customer Loyalty Programs ›
Marketing Campaign Management and Customer Segmentation

Effectively analyze, plan, and execute every marketing activity through all customer touch points.

Make relevant and personalized real-time offers through inbound marketing channels
Provide strategic campaign planning and multichannel execution
Strengthen customer relationships with relevant, personalized interactions